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Flying Pigs

Today I learned that pigs really can fly.

I'm in my Junior year of high school (we started two days ago), and my AP US History teacher demonstrated to our class how hard it is to get an accurate historical account of a situation, particularly if that situation sounds rather ludicrous. [I can already tell that this guy is an interesting teacher. He collects motion sickness bags from airlines, actually, and I noticed yesterday that he had a little plastic pig with fabric wings dangling over his desk by a string.]

I immediately chuckled when I saw the pig--heh, what a pip!--but was rather confused when he told us today that it really can fly. Most of my class stared at him in disbelief, wondering where the punchline was. We knew it had to have something to do trying to get an accurate historical account of a situation, but really, it was just a pig attached to a string.

Flying pigs are things of fantasy and bad jokes, right?

"What? A flying pig, Mr. Carnesecca? What do you mean?"

Mr. Carnesecca flipped a switch on the pig's side that had remained previously concealed due to the pig's resting position, and without hesitation, the pig's big fabric wings began to beat. My teacher grabbed the little pig and pushed it, and before any of us could blink, the pig was actually flying in a circle. Its battery-operated wings and its string (which was attached to the ceiling) allowed it fly in circles for well over two minutes.

Mr. Carnesecca merely smiled at us while we stared at it, some of us entirely missing the original point of the lesson.

It seems a silly thing to have to realize in your Junior year of high school, but I discovered that anything is possible if you set your imagination to it. I guess I really didn't realize it before. Something about seeing that little plastic pig beating its wings and circling around, swooping and looking for all the world like it was going to break free of the string and head for the window... It just struck me. How interesting, I thought, and how clever.

I don't know. Just sort of blew my mind. :)

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