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What I Learned In School Today

Some really interesting stuff, actually.

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What did you learn in school today?

This is the community to place random, interesting, unusual, inspiring, or rare facts or life lessons that you learned during class. Don't expect the community to be OMG!active. It's just a place to drop down rare nuggets when you find them. Read, enjoy, and learn.

001. You must have correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation. No internet slang. If you do not comply, your post will be deleted/rejected without warning.
002. We're not interested in inside jokes. We want pieces of information or inspiring thoughts/ideas that everyone can appreciate and enjoy.
003. You may post from any level of school (middle school, high school, college, graduate school, and so on are all all right).
004. Sorry guys, but no hijacking is allowed on the threads. This community has a different tone than that. :)
005. Absolutely no arguments or drama of any kind. Intellectual, polite, stimulating debates and commentary are welcome, but the second it gets offensive, sorry. No more.
006. Post things that are truly worth the community's notice. This isn't a place for junk. It's a bit of a pensieve, if you will; it's a place to store thoughts and teach other people new ideas and concepts. Don't abuse it.
007. Post on any subject area of your choice. Math, languages, history, science, politics, sociology, economics... everything is welcome. Life lessons are most certainly welcome as well.
008. Everyone may join the community. If you have questions, please don't ask in a post. The post will be rejected/deleted if you do so. Instead, e-mail me at xsolarismx@gmail.com or leave a comment in one of the threads. :) We'll get back to you as soon as possible.
009. For examples of what is appropriate, check out what's already inside the community.